How to be part of the Havas Chicago team? One option: gain millions of followers

Welcome to the new age of “insta-content”

All the people I’ve had the opportunity to meet have appeared to me as truly passionate about their job and truly committed to help Havas Chicago become better than anyone in the social and digital field.

How can that be true?

The agency has recently made a fresh start under the direction of Jason Peterson and Paul Marobella, giving the agency’s a new mission: “TO REINVIGORATE AMERICAN BRANDS” helping them to become more appealing to a younger generation of consumers.

The first condition to achieve that? To be relevant by tapping in the ecosystem in which they spend their time: social media. A clear evidence…

The strategic approach behind? Called “Instacontent”, it consists in being able to produce fast moving content that can fuel the new conversations on the social stratosphere (and relies on a hyper targeted and dynamic media approach to deliver this content through the right channel, to the right audience etc).

In other words, doing more with less and offering clients a new creative agility.

How to achieve it? The smart move comes from the recruitment of “in-house makers”. Kids of Instagram and Snapchat who are not only able to embrace the emerging trends shaping business and pop culture but that are also able to develop their own content: short, snackable posts for the clients.

Even smarter, many of the last hires have been social media artists and influencers who have gained large followings for their own work: the evidence of their value for the clients.

My coach Anna Russet is one of them, she was hired 3 years ago and currently works with Full screen Entertainment. Social media is her way to create connections with people everywhere. She is only 24 but her videos, snaps, posts…have gained an audience of over 350 000 followers (mostly young girls).

Anna’s experience of social media outside the constraints of clients appear as a clear strength to fuel new pitches but also as a real competitive advantage for the agency as she is able to support content strategies for its clients.

AN INSPIRING STORY that encourages us to think about the backgrounds of people who work at agencies.

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