“I am glad to hear your sense of humour”

This first week in London has almost reached its end, but my journey here is just about to begin. I am starting to get quite familiar to this smart city, open to new people and committed to diversity.

Against my previous expectations, the agency is an old fashioned Victorian style building, but inside it, loads of data are flowing and you can almost hear the noise of that. The nice thing of these early days has been working with people with right the same “Havas” background that I have, deploying things in a slightly different way, but we related since the end of the first day.

I am impressed by the local massive usage of partnerships activations and I met someone from Simbiotic Havas agency totally devoted to that. I will definitely have a follow up with him over the next weeks.

Data here is one of the most used words, but still it’s never overused, because it is something that really ignites local strategies. The Socialyze team is so big! Made up of over 40 people, sharing a social newsroom where everything that is about to bloom as a buzz trend is well remarked on big screens.

The journey starts now, since I am starting to get my hands dirty with a freshly arrived brief from one of the local biggest brands within the entertainment industry. I think this is great because it will allow me to see the whole local approach to deliver an “owned and shared media first” strategy.

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