I want to be a part of it…forever!

The underlying tone of this last blog is complete devastation that it’s nearly all over. But we won’t dwell on that too much, let’s go for the positives.

Since last time, as well as a lot more brunch, I’ve added The Frick Collection, Rockefeller/Top of the Rock, a Broadway show, John Lennon memorial at Strawberry Fields, a dive bar, cold brew, ramen and Dunkin’ Donuts to my list of New York achievements. The most exciting of these, although donuts are up there, has been Broadway after getting last minute, so cheap but great tickets to Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. I’m not an avid theatre goer and the idea of watching a 2.5 hour play about math and a dead dog didn’t exactly excite me pre-show, but it was brilliant. It was a really engaging and clever set, well-acted and the time flew. Slightly ironic that the show I see is an English play, based in London, all read in over-egged British accents, but it was a great evening. Post-show, I even enjoyed becoming part of the Times Square throng, as it is something special to see it all lit up — blows Leicester Square out of the water.

Queen of the castle at The Top of the Rock

For the office agenda, us five New York Lofters had breakfast with Andrew Benett, Havas Creative Group’s Global CEO, and discussed our thoughts on this wonderful city, the Lofts Program and Havas as a whole over some top notch frittata. We appreciated him clearing his very busy schedule to meet with us for an hour, and being able to give him some insight into our individual experiences. Now time for some corny stuff (I have lived in the US for a month, after all). Havas is an exciting group to belong to and I’m so grateful for being able to be a part of this year’s Lofts program. Not every company has the capability to be able to run an internal program like it, and the opportunity and learning experience it gives employees is huge. The next big moment will be our office move to create a London village in early 2017, where I’ll be working with two other NY Lofters. For next year’s class, I’m already jealous, but just make the most of every day, eat and see as much as you can, say yes to everything (within reason) and meet as many people as possible, as time really does go impossibly quick. You can sleep when you get home, there’s coffee and cocktails to get you through it until then.

New York Loft girls

I’m so sad that there’s only a few days left of being a Lynxer, it’s a great agency to be a part of. Highlights have been meeting people like my amazing coach, Samantha, my PM partner in crime, Becca and my desk buddy, Rachel, who has access to all the best snacks and allows wine to always be an option. Can I take them with me? In a few weeks, the healthcare acronyms and caffeine dream will become a distant memory, as I turn back to deodorant and Nescafe Instant. But they can’t get rid of me that easily, I’m already coming back for next week’s karaoke night and already practicing my Sinatra rendition.

My last week in food
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