In Madrid, I Don’t Have a Desk — Here’s Why That’s A Good Thing

Okay, full disclosure: I DO actually have a desk — I’m just never really at it.

In my first week here at Havas Sports & Entertainment in Madrid, I have already attended and supported four press events. FOUR! Some were for clients and others were for Havas.

Iconic beauty brand, Beter, celebrates its 80th anniversary with editors and influencers

Is this what I was expecting in my first week of Havas Lofts? No, I thought I’d be mostly at my desk, getting acquainted with the office/my teammates and doing “regular PR stuff.” Am I okay with it? Absolutely; I’ve met clients, chatted with the media (shout out to all the editors who listened to my fruitless attempts to speak Spanish) and witnessed how the PR team here executes and manages such events. For the record, the biggest similarity between media events in America and Spain is the sigh of relief we PR people take when the press ACTUALLY show up.

The Havas Village in Madrid is brand new! All 1,200 employees moved into the building in July, so you could say the concept is “new,” but you’d never know it. Everyone is naturally SO collaborative, engaged and seemingly excited about the work they’re producing. #inspiring

Alfonso Rodes, Deputy CEO of Havas & CEO of Havas Media Group, briefing the press on the Havas brand refresh and “Village” concept

To celebrate the opening of the Village, the internal PR and communications team at Havas hosted an official coming out party. Press were greeted with refreshments (jamon serrano is delish, BTW), a formal presentation from Alfonso Rodes (Deputy CEO of Havas & CEO of Havas Media Group) and a full tour of the new office space. The media were stoked — as was I. In his presentation, Alfonso also discussed the Havas brand refresh. While in another language, you could tell the same messages were being communicated — #tobettertogether.

As for Madrid as a city, I’m hooked. The area surrounding my apartment and the office is comfortable and accommodating. Look to your left, and you’ll see a plethora of bars and cafes; look to your right, and you’ll find a Harley Davidson shop (I’m serious). The sightseeing seems endless here, too. And have I mentioned that I went to a Real Madrid game my second night here?! The fan experience at a Real game is serious, and different from America; no beer-sloshing, heckling fans to be found (except for when a bad call was made, of course.)

Palacio Royal de Madrid
Can you see Ronaldo down there smiling for my camera?

Will I finally have a desk next week? I hope not :) Signing off for now, time for sangria.

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