Lucky #7: Meet the November 2017 Class

November 2017's Lofters will experience host agencies in Chicago, Barcelona, Paris, Milan, Sydney and Toronto.
4-weeks to discover another agency and city —what would you do?

Since November 2014, Havas Lofts has provided unique learning experiences to 135 employees from 60 Havas agencies, across 17 cities. Lofts is a global talent program sending participants to another Havas agency in another country for 4-weeks.

During the 4 weeks, Lofters are matched with a coach and host team who help immerse them into their agency’s way of working. Along the way they meet new colleagues, shadow projects, learn fresh concepts and approaches, and explore the agency’s unique culture.


The Lucky #7 Class kicks off Monday, October 23 with Lofters traveling to 6 cities around the globe: Paris, Chicago, Toronto, Sydney, Milan and Barcelona.

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Lofters will document their experiences and insights right here on the Lofts blog, as well as on Instagram and Twitter (#HavasLofts).

For a closer look inside our global agencies, add @havaslofts on Snapchat to follow along with daily participant takeovers starting on October 23. Add us via our QR code (left).

And now, meet the blog contributors — the November 2017 Class of Havas Lofts:

Focused on enhancing our Together strategy of collaboration and integration across the Havas Group and Vivendi Group, Havas Lofts is a global learning experience designed to give employees insight into how the Havas network operates across our many countries and cities.
Each class is comprised of about 20 participants from a variety of disciplines and levels across both creative and media groups, as well as select Vivendi companies. Participants are matched with a coach in their host agency, immersed into agency processes and culture, and guided through a 4-week framework to accomplish specific learning objectives.
By placing participants in Havas Villages around the globe, the program provides a unique look into how Creative and Media groups can work together to share resources, exchange best practices, and better serve clients — therefore bringing our Together strategy to life.
Lofts was piloted in November 2014 with 20 participants in New York, Paris, and London. It has since expanded to include Havas agencies in São Paulo, Mexico City, Chicago, Boston, Prague, Sydney, Buenos Aires, Miami, Madrid, Milan, Shanghai, San José, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Toronto and Barcelona. The program will continue to run in June and November of each year.
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