Meet & Inspiration = My lov’t story

Love story — loft story, so simple. I assume people look at this experience as a “bisounours” land, a utopia where everything is awesome, and I have to agree that there is truth in this viewpoint. This story is one about people, encounters and culture, all of which were absolutely amazing.

Human Encounters

This experience was mostly a human one. The 4 weeks spent in NY followed the same process as an encounter.

#Week 1 — Smiles & Looks: As an intern or new hire, you observe everything. You exchange smiles and looks with your fellow employees.

#Week 2 — Talk : You begin to say something, sharing you first impressions. You understand a bit more how things work, but you are still a bit shy.

#Week 3 — Contact : You have met people, know them and have one-on-one meetings. You have learned the different places to grab food and have lunch with colleagues. You are more confident and have caught up on the work being done by the team.

#Week 4 — Fusion : You are totally comfortable at your desk. You feel like you are at home as a member of the team. You have new friends and, honestly, you don’t know if you want to go home just yet. At least two more weeks are definitely needed.


So yes, Lofts is a human experience more than a work experience. Since you don’t have the same responsibilities as you do in your home office, you have the opportunity to be totally open-minded and to seize the moment. It can be frightening at first, but it allows your mind to be free. In fact, everything is so simple and easy as long as you go with the flow and pick up on as much as you can. You learn about the work through the people in the office, which is why I have met so many over the last month.

This free mind I am talking about is also present in the life of New York and its people. Whether it is style, atmosphere or diversity, the culture of this city is everywhere. You are able to take advantage of it all the time because it is on the streets, in the people and in the music.

Future Lofters be prepared!! The time in your host agency goes by so quickly.

Looking back on my time in New York, I am most surprised by the people I have seen and how they seem to just “let it go.” Every person has their own style and can be themselves without any judgement. The words “they dare” came to mind and this made me think and reflect. I live in a European country, in a “big” city, but things are so different in France. At home we have lots of codes and are guided by our unconscious biases. We don’t dare or let go enough. Maybe it’s because sense of belonging is not defined by the same rules in France, or because there is no mix of diversity like in New York. Whatever the reason may be, this difference is something to note.

There are also major differences between the way of working in France and New York. Here, people are organized and respect meeting times. They focus on their tasks, typically don’t take lunch breaks and have less informal conversation. It is the opposite in France, as we are more “Latin.” We have trouble respecting meeting times, always break for lunch and continually have informal conversation with our colleagues. The organization at home is less split. It is a freestyle atmosphere, but we also spend more time at work. Maybe a good compromise could be found between these two ways of working.. I’m definitely going to try and find one :)

This month in New York was like an inspiring bubble. It was a break in my daily life that was filled with rich ideas (yes we have to market the HR com!!), different ways of working (goodwill, projects, organization.. just do it), city life (be free!) and of course meetings. I would like to give a special thanks to my coach, Allison, and my 3 co-Lofters Margot, Nicolas and James. These people have been a major part in the success of my Lov’t experience.

The next step is keeping the inspiration alive. New York, Havas Village.. we will keep in touch!!

Goodbye New York! It was incredible to have met you.

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