New Business is Everyone’s Business

A walk through the Jardin du Palais Royal

My former boss and mentor imparted that mantra to me when I joined the N.A. New Business Team more than three years ago. This week, I was able to share that mantra with my team at Havas Media International.

When I was selected for #HavasLofts, I was so thrilled for the opportunity and the change of work (and life) scenery, but worried about how I would add value to a new team in four short weeks. Well, that worry faded after a few hours with Eleonore, Ellyn, Antoine, Lea and Pauline.

Since HMI does not have a new business team, I have been able to help strengthen and create a customized new business process (modified from our US process) with clearly defined pitch roles, timeliness and checklists. (my type).

The best part…the team is already putting the new process into effect on a pitch we just received.

I’m also getting a new perspective and contributing in a different way as I’m not running this pitch; I’m thinking and acting more like a strategist (thanks to many a pitch as well as the team here).

I knew I’d learn a ton from my coach and host team, but I am beyond grateful to be able to impart my knowledge, successes and failings in US New Business.

Over the last week I have also been able to really dig into the work that the HMI Strategy & Insights team does. From their thought leadership on emerging trends and technologies across markets around the world to their bi-monthly trends newsletter,, their insightful work on client business and breakthrough strategy on new business, one things for sure….

“nouvelle entreprise est de tout le monde des affaires” translates well.

Clock back at Havas Media Boston

One Final Thought

One of the most unexpected and rewarding aspects of this Lofts experience is having a little extra free time during the day; time to ask more questions, time to truly absorb information and time to observe how other people live think and work. It’s a luxury I never knew I needed.

Another type of luxury…Chateau Versailles on a cloudy day last weekend

Oh and how could I forget? Time to make new, lasting friendships over #allthedessert and #allthewine. Am I right Dorothy Delany ?

Soup of the day is rosé and dessert is always the plat du jour
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