New York: The Big WoW

Everybody in the world knows New York City as “Big Apple”, but I’ll call it “The Big WoW” from now until my entire life. Why? Let’s read the WoWs ! (written not in order of importance but of time).

#The First WoW! I remember it happened when I found out I was selected for the Havas Lofts Program. In that moment I’ve realized I had the great opportunity for an awesome life experience. It would be a full immersion into a culture totally different from mine, it would be my first time in NY, I would know Havas Health on Madison Avenue: definitely WoW!

#The Second WoW! I was immediately impressed upon my arrival to NY City: I’ll never forget the sunny welcome to me from the city, its long bridges, its high buildings… It’s really amazing how much energy New York has. I caught a lot of good vibes thanks to people I’ve seen dancing or singing down the streets. I immediately felt the rhythm of this city, and I suddenly felt dancing.

A sunny welcome from NY

#The Third WoW! Havas Health for sure. Havas Health has a great personality: it’s modern, tenacious, savvy, and connected. Havas Health wants to be always as competitive as possible to be on top of the client’s needs. Havas is focused on the seamless integration of each single division of the agency, and on cooperation among them to be the best next solution for the client. Really impressive also the facilities: they’re really user friendly and comfortable with a lot of spaces to do brainstorming and meetings in a “relaxed” way.

Havas Health at 200 Madison Avenue

#The Fourth WoW! Havas Metro. Here is where I am. I’m going to spend the next weeks in the Medical Department of Havas Metro. I work in Havas Life Italy as Medical Writer so I’m really exciting to know another medical part of the network. My colleagues immediately took me on board of their ship: we are dealing with an interesting pitch at the moment. It’s really impressive how they organize the daily activities for the pitch and how they’re building the project!

Havas Life Metro

I think it’s enough as start. Let’s stay tuned for the next WoWs!

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