On board the Dubai Express

Week 2

Mariam, Traffic Manager Extraordinaire. Hard at work to get all posts out on time.

Dubai is progressing faster than ever. You will see how quickly the desert changed into a mega-city in just a few years, and more is still being built. This also reflects how people work in this environment…faster than ever.

I work for Havas DCV, which deals with everything diabetes-related. Since our products are purposeful, there’s a timeline in place for the information we send out and it’s not done in one day.

Social media takes up a big chunk of the workload at Havas Dubai. It feels like because the world around them is growing rapidly, they have to adapt and keep up with the pace. Social media plays that important part to locally and globally communicate the need to get out information fast.

Most of the social media posts at Havas Dubai can be planned in advance, which helps with timing and the fast turnaround. The creative brief for the posts are written by the Client Services Team or the Social Media Team aka Account. It is distributed through email by the Traffic Manager, who I believe is the core of all jobs, handling timing and overseeing project development. Most projects have straight-forward detailed information on the creative brief, so not all projects have a kick-off. The most important part of the brief are all of the complete details on output, visual references and the purpose of the project.

Since most of the posts needs to go out the same day they are given, everybody does his/her part to make this happen. After the copywriter has done the supers, captions and content, artwork is made, client approves and the Account team sends it out the door. All posts are done mostly in the same day or two.

If the project involves different phases like videos, photos or radio-posts, the Contact Manager, or Head of Content, leads the Content team (including studio, graphic artists, content creators, photographers, videographers) to create and sets everything into place. More planning is done and more time is given to complete the project.

It’s really hard to compare how work is done between NY and Dubai because the output is different. I do welcome the new medium and enjoy the learnings and new skillsets.

On to week 3.