Qui vivra verra!

When you’re used to seeing black and white, is that all you’ll see?

O n Monday, the CMO of Canal+ and I discussed the nuances of transformation.

We talked about that moment when you’re so close to something that you tend to ignore the gradual changes that naturally occur. That it’s easy to be misled by, and to misunderstand, shadows.

I n the Havas Lofts program I expected to expand my toolkit in terms of process and communication; I did not expect to feel transformed. But that’s exactly what happened. And it’s not ending in July. This program has ignited an ambition to transform everything that I do; and to those who think that sounds ambitious, I say —qui n’avance pas, recule!

Je vais manquer cet endroit.

I’m going to start with this W. Edwards Deming quote that has been sitting on my desk during my stay here:

“Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.”

Data is the undisputed King, of course. But my approach builds on the belief that we also need to give a deep bow to the Queen: people, and sociology. Marissa Jaeckel, a lofter from Chicago, invited me to a sit-down with a strategist at her host agency Les Gaulois. We discussed that, because we are so entrenched in data/seeking to find that golden nugget of a eureka moment, it’s easy to forget to look at people. And we need to. In an industry designed to build meaningful connections, we need to look as close as we possibly can. And not from a brand perspective. From a people perspective.

Tout le monde est sur ​​leur propre mission.

I’ve been looking. And I see individuality everywhere. I see it as I look up and around me. I see it as I take in every experience…

Regardant vers le ciel.
  • 47 passionate euro games.
  • 27 morning runs on the Seine.
  • 20 days learning by the side of my incredible Canal+ team.
  • 16 one-on-one meetings with executives across departments.
  • 7 status meetings across departments.
  • 5 Parisian lofters from different parts of Havas/Vivendi.
  • 2 incredible studio tours.
  • 1 huge launch of a first-of-its-kind campaign.
  • 1 huge rebrand, happening this September.

These four weeks have been challenging. They’ve pushed me, and I think I pushed them too. But I’ve learned from Cécilia Frandjian that these four weeks were the easy part: the real challenge will be making the best of it back home, she says.

It cannot all be copy and paste. We have a different culture, different expertise, and different requirements. So the tricky part is working with home-base teams to find out what can be applied and how change can happen together.

I keep going back to my observation of the french way of connectivity through purposeful disconnectivity, with this added lens of the need for a person to person approach in order to transform. What that means, and how I apply that back home, is my next chapter. As the CMO of Canal+ and I discussed, transformation is definitely not something that can be forced... so we’ll see how I do!

Merci pour tout!

None of this is possible alone. Thank you for the warmest welcome Cécilia, Juliette, Sophie, Isabelle, Jordane, Audrey, Maxime, Jerome, Jocelyn, Mathieu, Alexandre, Katie, Virginie, Eugenie, Margot, Julia, Estelle, Luis & Pierre-emmanuel. Thank you for encouraging me and making it possible for me to be here Val, Gail, Anthony, Alex, Nick, Kate, Erin, Erich & Elliott. Thank you for your guidance and support Barb, Pam, McKenna, Elicia & Anne. Thank you for this brilliant program Allison & Patti. Thank you for sharing this journey with me Ziya, Marissa, Lu, Fan & Hillary.

Ceci n’est que le début!


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