That’s All Folks!

So, four weeks in Chicago flew by and I LOVED it. The city of Chicago is an amazing place to live and there is so much happening. There is great food, venues, attractions and sooooo much music.

But these things are just extra curricular elements. To spend a month in a totally different industry was a daunting prospect, but also a fantastic opportunity and I really feel like I made the most of it. I met some incredible people working at The Annex and 36, learned so much about the agency world and got the wheels in motion on potential UMG Havas collaborations. This is what I set out to do, so I’m pleased to have achieved it.

It doesn’t stop there though, and that’s the most exciting part of all. The work continues as we strive to make more connections between the two companies. Continue watching this space because I guarantee that this is just the beginning of my Havas adventure.

I’d like to thank all those who looked after us. My Coach Anna was brilliant throughout the journey and supported me in finding areas for collaboration. She also hosted some great goodbye drinks with a view of the fireworks on the final week. HR Chicago was so great at welcoming us and making sure we were able to get the most out of this programme (thanks especially to Randi). In fairness, generally every person of the Havas Chicago staff were friendly, engaging, and full of great ideas. I would like to give a special mention to Natalie Salim and Natalia Resende, who were very kind to me and the other lofters, making us feel welcome and introducing us to Malort.

I will miss so much from my trip to Chicago, but most of all I’ll miss my fellow lofters Flora and Manuela. The three of us got along so well and supported each other throughout the month. It was an absolute pleasure to hang out with them and the trip wouldn’t have been the same without our trio.

I’m already looking forward to our reunion.

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