“The long and the short of it”.

Fast or Slow, Short or Long, “The Power and Perils of ‘Fast’ in Marketing and Planning”, these were the key themes of the “Google Firestarter” session I was so lucky to attend to on my last evening with Lofts here in London. The key takeaway of this Ted-like brilliant keynote was: program your work-flow in a way that you can quickly deliver long-lasting ideas.

Well, no better time than the present for me to apply this process to the learnings of my Lofts experience, with the daring ambition to make a tangible difference in the way I act as a strategist at my home agency.

Apart from loads of tools, papers and presentations (including the outstanding IPA study “The long and the short of it”), I will bring back home the attitude to reframe advertising tasks, building the whole strategy around a single-minded idea as smartly simple as it takes to support the most audacious communication platform.

This is the end of an equally funny and intense story. My time here passed ridiculously fast, but I am sure that the days I spent here will have a long impact on the rest of my professional and personal life. I am willing to re-start my Milanese life with a touch of British attitude.

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