Two different cultures, but the same goal

During these two weeks of the New York office of Havas I could identify some similarities and differences between Mexico and NY office. Despite being two different cultures both offices have the same goal which is to have satisfied clients with our work.


  1. Office: It has incredible spaces for specialized areas such as production, creativity and space for clients to come to work in the agency if they wish.
  2. Specialized teams: The teams focus and specialize in their areas to then join each other and achieve better results for their campaigns, there are specialized teams solely focused on the development of activations, some content development, others only buy National TV , etc.
  3. Punctuality: The times of meetings respecting the established schedules.
  4. Working Hours: Something that surprised me it is that told me that although there is an established work schedule, teams can adjust their time, ie not have to be there at 8:30 o’clock, but each who knows his responsibilities and may take a little longer to arrive, but as you finish your work, no problem.


  1. Passion: The passion with which the projects are developed is the same, despite being two different cultures, we have the same goal of having satisfied clients and successful campaigns.
  2. Commitment: To have satisfied clients is our top priority and that we’ve detected during these two weeks, it has the same commitment as we have in my country.
  3. Teamwork: When developing projects meet somewhere different areas and work together in order to have and develop successful projects.

My experience at the NY office has been wonderful, I never thought I could have a chance to be great, I’m very grateful to the company for the opportunity they have given me and continue to learn during these last two weeks we have left around here

HavasLofts NY team it’s the best without a doubt.

Every week I’ll be writing a bit of my New York Experience and what I have learned in my #HavasLofts lessons.

Hugs and Kisses.