I’ve been in London and at Havas Work Club for 2 weeks now (time is flying!) and in this short time I’ve picked up on some similarities and differences between my home and host agency. (Disclaimer: Some/most of these observations are likely the result of me being foreign, blissfully unaware and here for only 4 weeks.)


Time. There’s never enough.
I’m no stranger to the short timeline. It’s the nature of our business. And sometimes it can be a good thing. Of course, we all like to say that it’s the exception, not the rule.

Miscommunications happen.
This project is on hold indefinitely, while we clarify some issues with the client.

Monthly all-agency meetings take place on the bleachers, so everyone can catch up on the latest and greatest in agency news. Beers are involved. Sounds familiar.


Impromptu internal meetings.
Creative check-ins aren’t scheduled as explicitly as I’m used to. There are no CRG1, CRG2, or ARG meeting makers popping up on my calendar. (Where are my Citi peeps at?) It’s more like you just regroup when you’re ready to regroup. Ok, I’ll admit it we do a lot of this at home, too. So really, this belongs in the samsies category.

The brief is less formal.
Word doc, PPT, I’ve seen it all. I can work with that. Of course when it comes down to it, the template doesn’t matter. It’s having a solid brief that matters.

Meetings here, there, everywhere.
Because some of the work that comes to Havas Work Club is shared with Havas WW London, meetings take place here and at the WW office. Nothing earth-shattering here, it’s been interesting to witness how the agencies work together toward a common goal.

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