When Vivendi meets Havas

When Vivendi meets Havas

I was surprised when my office offered me a chance to participate in Havas Lofts. I work in MyBestPro, part of Vivendi group. I discovered the program exchange, and my destination… London!

It became the day of my departure… 2.15 hours later, I arrived to Saint Pancras (thanks Eurostar). I was so impatient to start my new job for 4 weeks.

I spent Sunday walking around London and hearing French people. I almost wasn’t sure I was in England ;) And in the evening, I met my co-Lofters. We shared our experiences, questions and state of mind. We are excited, stressed and impatient.

Monday… It was THE day. My first day in Havas Media. I worked with Havas for 8 years, but I never work in Havas. 
Once again, I was a bit stressed at my first arrival to the agency because you never know what will happen.

In any case, my stress reduced when I met my coach Bryn. 
He participated in Havas Lofts in 2015 and knew my state of mind. I felt like a trainee at his first day. He had organized lot of meetings to start accomplishing my learning objectives. And he introduced me to everyone on his team during the lunch. I was very lucky!

Since Monday, I’ve noticed best practices, assisted in meeting with partners, clients…

And I asked myself: how could I find out the right way to transpose the best practices on my French team? How could we optimize exchanges with our SEO team and PPC team to reach our objectives together?

Now, I have 3 weeks more to find out it !