Why dip a toe in when you could do a cannonball?

I have always daydreamed of international travel, but for a long time it was out of reach. I didn’t have the money to travel, I didn’t have anyone to go with, the timing was bad — whatever. Every year, I’d think about it more and more, but never actually do anything. In April though, I got my very first passport!

But with more responsibilities in my personal life and at work, I didn’t really anticipate going abroad any time soon. That is until I got a swift kick in the backside from Havas Global Talent—“Your skills, accomplishments and interest in the program have earned you a spot to participate in Lofts in MADRID!”

Equal parts excitement and anxiety set in immediately. I was going to travel 7 time zones and over 4,000 miles away?! I’ve never even been to Cancun! There would be no dipping my toe or testing the waters — this was going to be an all or nothing proposition. Either dive in or leave the pool area…

Carniceria at a local mercado
Real Madrid vs. Athletic Bilbao
Monument near home
Madrid History Museum

So far the water is excellent!

I’m just blown away by this experience. With no one here to hold my hand — everything is a discovery. Every experience is a new experience. Just going about living every day is a challenge, but in the best way possible. Even mundane things become more interesting — I don’t wear headphones outside anymore because I want to hear the noises around me. I walk everywhere because if my Uber gets lost, I certainly can’t help. I’ve even posted more content on Instagram in my first week here than I have the last two years.

It’s just so invigorating and exciting to be a part of this program and live in this place. Every day I’m meeting interesting new people, seeing beautiful places, and learning more about how the world works here. I’m feeling truly blessed to be here and take in all the wonderful culture Spain has to offer.

Next week: I’ll talk to you about this place and some of the 1,000+ wonderful & talented Havasers who work inside!

Havas Madrid: Calle Eloy Gonzalo, 10 - Madrid, Spain

Hasta pronto!