Why we need Havas Lofts

Peace London

It is about that time to jump back on a plane to the head back to the states. It has been quite a ride over the last few weeks with Brexit, Euros and Cameron’s resignation. The folks back at home claim it was a bit suspect that this all happen right when I came over. Correlation? I don’t think so.

I have met plenty of amazing people during the month and was probably pretty annoying trying to get some face-time with these folks. So thank you everyone! Really lucky to have been matched up with great Lofters in London as well as a terrific coach!

I had the opportunity to present during the Data & Insights monthly team meeting during my last week. They wanted to learn a little about the team back home and some of our US successes. They also wanted to understand my experiences in London so I tried to pick out some in no particular order:

1. It’s tough waiting until Monday to watch Game Of Thrones

2. Ton of collaboration happening over coffee or at someone’s desk

3. People order half-pints at pubs (sounds sacrilegious to me)

4. Socialyse is a huge deal in London and has a very big crew

5. Everyone wants to chat over coffee

6. A lot of people bike (cycle) to work and take showers at the office

7. DBi has deep collaborations with most business units at HMG

8. Dedicated Data Ops team with skills in SQL, Python, PHP, etc

9. HMG UK also looking for opportunities to partner with IBM Watson

10. It rains a lot. And people love talking about the weather.

11. The Intelligence team leverages a lot of the same tools as we have in the US

12. Thirst for 1st Party Data, DMPs, Attribution, Data Warehousing!

13. “Quid” is like the American slang for “Bucks”

14. Everyone has been extremely friendly and accommodating! Thank you!

I truly think Havas Lofts is a unique & rewarding opportunity for the employees that really sets us apart from other organizations in the industry. It is something that needs to stay constant and continue to grow. The infrastructure & processes that has been built to support the program from offices around the world is outstanding. Definitely an awesome experience and I hope to be back soon to check out the new office at King’s Cross!

Now for the horribly cliché ending:


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