Voting Conservative is a Bad Idea (This Time) | Opinion

Ryan Velasco
Jul 25 · 6 min read

Politicians shouldn’t be manipulating constituents using misinformation and disinformation to get easy wins.

Having both misinformation and disinformation in the article is going to make all of them annoying so for our sake, I’m going to refer to both as BSI ‘bullshit information’.

Elections are fundamentally about getting someone you believe to represent you in Parliament Hill as your MP. This belief relies heavily on trust because you need to believe that they are working for the public interest instead of their own.

So let’s take the case of Andrew Scheer and the Conservative party.

It’s clear by following what they’re doing that to using BSI and it seems to be working. They are up in the polls, potentially able to take provinces and flip them blue and if recent provincial elections are anything to go by then it looks good. There are specific MPs who I thought wouldn’t resort to BSI; Lisa Raitt (I thought should’ve become leader by the way; she was the most reasoned and competent out of the bunch) and Michelle Rempel.

I’m especially looking at Lisa because I trusted her to be better than that. I watched her in the House of Commons for years and during the CPC leadership debate. Michelle because of her social media presence which she presents herself as genuine and with integrity. Though recently they both have resorted to mudslinging and pandering to conspiracy theories.

I may be old school but I believe politicians ‘must’ maintain morally high standards that we all expect. Give us the facts and reason why we need to raise or reduce taxes or implement a national carbon plan.

Don’t be pompous, just be an adult.

Our politicians must stand high and above us as morally good, no matter the political cost

Since Andrew Scheer is leader of the Conservative Party of Canada we’ll use the times he stood next to alt right groups and questionable media outlets. Proclaiming that he was their champion and he alone could save you from illegal immigration (code for different) and the dastardly Justin Trudeau.

His reason in my opinion is clear, even if Scheer doesn’t believe there is a problem, he’ll continue acting like there is because a)he guarantees alt-right votes go to him and b)he wants to be prime minister and get the perks that come with it.

Becoming PM is what a lot of MPs want, but a PMs main job is to keep Canada from falling apart economically, protecting it and maintaining the democratic system.

The last example I’ll go into was during the SNC Lavalin probe when Scheer went onto national news and proclaimed that Trudeau had no moral authority to govern and must resign. To any rational person was one hell of an overreach, to Conservatives able to think past partisan nonsense, they probably did a double-take.

Jody Wilson-Raybould appears at the House of Commons Justice Committee on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Feb. 27, 2019. Sean Kilpatrick. The Canadian Press File Photo

After the three hour committee hearing with Jody Wilson-Raybould and without any scrutiny of evidence, independent investigation or even time to digest the testimony, he appeared and made his demands known and to be clear those were demands. His reason was Trudeau was corrupt with no moral authority to govern, all under the pretext, ‘guilty until proven innocent’. He then went on to make his case misrepresenting the testimony of JWR. He may as well have said, ‘only his party is suited to owning Canada’. I purposely used ‘owning’ because it’s the best word that fits the current conservative party.

If you think I’m tossing the CPC into the mud because of my progressive leaning think again, my vote goes to any party that have real policies are fact-proven to work. After learning about the political spectrum I found that I was at the centre of it. In addition to my voting habits, I’ve voted in 3 federal elections and I’ve voted conservative, liberal and new democrat. I turn away from this CPC because they are forming their policies to include racist promises built largely on conspiracy theories.

Maclean’s Magazine February 2019 covers explaining the ‘supposed’ problems which the political spectrum from a left-right perspective

Proposals offered by conservatives (prior to 2017) are valid, immigration does need reform and the economy should work towards a balanced budget.

I believe the liberals proposals of reforming the pipeline requirements are valid and it should be built without ignoring environmental and indigenous consequences. Immigration shouldn’t be slowed to because people people refuse to understand immigrants are the main contributors to the Canadian economy.

I believe new democrats proposals on education should be implemented because other nations are increasing their technological prowess so we’re soon going to become subservient to them.

I believe in the greens proposals that climate crisis is going to literally kill us and we ‘must’ not wait because.. do I actually need to give a reason for this?.

Protesters gather on Parliament Hill for the Women’s March in January 2017. The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade

Each party has their merits but it’s the moral standards that we set that they need to step up too. Enough BSI garbage, Canada is not the States and I’m sorry Americans because we know you don’t like people talking about your politics, but yours is becoming a disgrace because you do little to make it the best it could be.


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The Unswayed

If you’ve ever had a thought and didn’t know what to do with it, then I’m going to go out on a limb and say you’ve forgotten all about it. This isn’t the case here because instead of forgetting it, I’m going to write about it.

Ryan Velasco

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I pride myself in my thoughts and ideas which are rooted in practicality and though I have bias’, I consciously suppress them when making articles.

The Unswayed

If you’ve ever had a thought and didn’t know what to do with it, then I’m going to go out on a limb and say you’ve forgotten all about it. This isn’t the case here because instead of forgetting it, I’m going to write about it.

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