Deck The Balls

A Christmas carol with a girl named Carol

Photo by Fülöp Ádám on Unsplash

I know. This ain’t Christmastime! But of my vast archives of Action erotic stories, I have just this and one more left. And at the average rate of $1 — $2 compensation per story, I’m not inclined to write any more of this gash. So enjoy. This is actually a fun one.

Deck the balls with boughs of holly…fa la la la la la la la la
Tis the season to get your jollies…fa la la la la la la la la

Yes, another Christmas season is upon us, another year has passed, and once again, it’s time to gather with friends and family to celebrate the good life. But while most people get all warm and gushy inside during the Holiday season, I get all hot and horny. I have no wife, very little family, and a bunch of loser friends who all get depressed around the Christmas.

So every Yuletide I drive away The Holiday Blues by calling an escort service to party down the way The Almighty would have wanted — purchasing the favors of a pretty girl — or two. This year, a new ad in my favorite sex rag got the nod. I liked the girls pictured and made the call.

The phone girl went into her pitch right after I said hello:

“We have Stacy, and Alexis and, Mialia and Carol…” I stopped her right there

Carol! I had to go with a girl named Carol. “A Christmas Carol” is one of my all-time favorite movies. And just to give myself the royal treatment, I had another delight named Devon sent over with her as well. The phone girl promised she had the cutest little accent from Downunder, and an amazingly firm and round butt.

Well, for the Christmas season, I decided a little role play would be in order, so I grabbed my Santa suit (beard and all) and donned the dopey outfit to surprise the girls.

“Come sit on Santa’s lap and tell me what you’d like for Christmas.” The girls threw their coats off and got into it.

“Oh, Santa, I want a man with a lot of money to take me away to the Islands for a couple of weeks,” said Devon in her charming accent as she sat on my knee flirtatiously.

“And I’d like a plane ticket back to Paris,” begged Carol, her French Bridgette Bardot style counterpart.

“But have you girls been naughty or nice?” I demanded.

“We’ve been nice, Santa…but we’ve been naughty, too,” oozed Devon.

“And we want to get naughty with you, Santa. I bet you have a nice gift for us underneath that suit we could get naughty with,” she continued.

Yo! Now this was Christmas the way it should be — Santa with his face full of one of his helpers big tits, while another played with his Yuletide log.

So I jumped out of the suit as quickly as I could (not that quickly), left the beard and hat on in respect of the holiday cheer, and settled back in my easy chair to feast on Carol’s plump gifts, while Devon decked my balls with swaths of saliva.

It was terrific! Devon had her soft and talented tongue licking all my private parts while Carol bounced her breasts on my face and dug her nails into the back of my head as I nursed on her magnificent mammaries. And there we stayed for several minutes, celebrating the Yuletide in the perfect hedonistic fashion.

I’d have stayed with the program straight though to orgasm, as I was having such a good time. But Devon wanted to sit on Santa’s lap — and impale herself on Santa’s prong.

So up she rose to straddle me and drop her hot little pussy on my steaming seasonal sword. I grabbed hold of her incredible butt and drove my stake all the way home with a mighty shush, as Carol, not sure of what she should do, simply stuck her big butt in my face.

Both Devon and I, upon seeing Carol’s pleasing posterior, commenced to licking her French ass as we continued pounding each other. It was quite a round robin of sexual pleasures, a Caligula-like display worthy of only the most momentous Holiday of the year.

Anyway, Carol’s big ass in my face, and Devon’s round butt bouncing up and down on my cock was the perfect Christmas present for this Scrooge. I busted a major load, thumping geysers of goo in the bottom of Devon’s sublime pussy as I continued licking Carol’s ass.

Indeed, a good time was had by all. The girls definitely decked the balls that Yuletide night and Christmas took on a whole new meaning forevermore for this hound dog.

Having Sex With Escorts

It’s a rough row to hoe!

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