Apples: From the Tree to the Kitchen

Ahhhh, finally fall. The time to wear flannels, adventure through corn mazes, and go on those fun apple picking trips. After reaching to the highest branch to pick the most perfect, red apples, they get weighed and then they’re brought home. So what can be made out of these apples? Apple pies are warm and delicious, but they are also quite the cliché in today’s era. There are many easy apple recipes that have evolved. Apples are no longer the fruit that you boringly bite into or cut up and dip in peanut butter. There is much more to create and these five recipes will change the way apples are eaten.

1. Apple Pie Cookies

The first unique recipe includes transforming the apple pie into smaller sized apple cookies. They resemble the pie completely, but the cookies can be dipped in milk or become bread for an ice cream cookie sandwich. Baking these cookies also prevents the mess of cutting up that pie. The ingredients are similar, but the results are crunchier. These fun cookies can be for snacking, for adding to the dessert table at a holiday party, or to satisfy a sweet tooth. They scream fall!

2. Smoky Sweet Potato Apple Soup

Talk about comfort food… this next recipe includes apples with potatoes. As an appetizer or a meal, Sweet Potato Apple Soup mixes well with the cooler temperature. For dinner, pairing this soup with Pork Chops or Breaded Chicken would be a great combination. Or after decorating and carving pumpkins, finishing with a bowl of this soup while watching a Halloween movie with a blanket sounds so satisfying.

3. Apple Pie Pancakes

Don’t forget about breakfast; it is the most important meal of the day. Pancakes are a classic and they can be made with any ingredients like chocolate chips, bananas, and strawberries, so why not add apples? Apple pie pancakes is basically saying that it is okay to have dessert for breakfast. Topping them off with chopped apples, whipped cream, and caramel will give them that extra “oomph.”

4. Apple Pops

Here’s a quick and fun recipe. Apple pops are a treat that children and adults can make together. They are like lollipops, but to the extreme. The best part is that creativity can really flow with these. There are a bunch of ways to dip the Apple pops with limitless toppings and they can be served at any time. Apple pops are perfect for parties or even party favors. For those who can’t eat a whole candy or chocolate apple, these are smaller and less messy to eat.

5. Cheesecake Stuffed Apples

The last delectable recipe combines apples with cheesecake…yum. Stuffing apples takes on a new way to eat them. There is no better way to eat these then to stuff them as much as can fit (plus more on top). After seeing this idea, the possibilities of ingredients to stuff apples with are endless. Besides cheesecake, some other great fillers could be ice cream, cobbler, or oatmeal.

Any types of apples can be used to get a mouth-watering result. There are plenty of more recipes out there besides the ones above, but these are outside-of-the-box ideas that can create new traditions. From breakfast to lunch or from snacks to dessert, apples can be the perfect ingredient especially in the fall. With the holidays coming up, it is going to be hard to resist any of these recipes. By next year, there will be more fresh and new recipes to try. So enjoy the crisp feeling of fall and happy apple picking!