Compassion for Philadelphia

“The Philadelphia Eagles have won the Super bowl 51!” said NFL commentator Charles Davis as the confetti was thrown in the air of NRG stadium in Houston, Texas. The Eagles have finally written history, and has been the first franchise to deliver on a Sunday. Montclair State junior Bruce Hunter had the time of his life watching this celebration, then had to turn off Madden 17 on his PlayStation because it was time for bed. Every time the number zero is heard and traveled through the auditory canal in the ear of Hunter, he becomes filled with despondent hope as the Philadelphia Eagles have more Super bowl rings than Montclair State has available parking spots for students.

Bruce Hunter looking on to a ring with the Philadelphia Eagles logo. By Jorge Fernandez

“When I met Bruce and saw his Eagle socks, I knew we weren’t going to get along,” Montclair State junior Marcos Castillo said. “He’s a great friend and all, but every time we come back to school on Monday, he has nothing good to say about his team. I told him he should start going to Church for four or five hours instead of watching Eagles games.”

The Sickleville native has been an Eagles fan since he started watching football at the age of five with his father. Others can feel sympathy and compassion when they drive by his house as they see banners of the franchise’s logo, and a sign that states “fly eagles fly” by his garage. The team has won the NFC east division multiple times but has failed to make the city of Philadelphia happy, especially Hunter.

The Justice Studies major has very little to be happy about when it comes to the city of Philadelphia as he is also fans of the Philadelphia Phillies, and the Philadelphia 76ers. Hunter was only 12 years old when he saw the Phillies win their second World Series in 2008. Ever since then, he has not seen a decent playoff run by the franchise in over 10 years. Furthermore, Hunter was 10 years old when one of his favorite basketball players of all time, Allen Iverson was traded from the team, and watched the 76ers turn into a living nightmare.

“I was too young to remember all the good times the city of Philadelphia went through,” Hunter said. “My father would always tell me stories on how the Eagles and 76ers were always the teams to beat. I would grow up watching them succeed with him and its just sad to see what these teams have become. Now what will I tell my kids when I get older?”

The Eagles have little to no draft picks this upcoming draft, and the 76ers will be looking to secure a top five draft pick to make fans like Bruce jump with joy. With opening day of the MLB approaching next week, Bruce has his fingers crossed to see the Phillies get back to the top to give some shinning light to the city of Philadelphia.


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