Favorite Fall Romper

Of the large variety of clothes crammed into my tiny apartment closet, my favorite piece of clothing would have to be my black and white striped long bell-sleeved romper. I purchased this romper from Hazel boutique in Belmar. Thus, making it more special to me because it hasn’t been mass-produced like a majority of my other clothes in my closet from either Forever 21 or Urban Outfitters. That is what I love about shopping in boutiques because each item is more unique and harder to find than large companies. This romper wasn’t like any of the other outfits I could’ve bought. This was unlike other items of clothing you think is special when purchasing until you bump into another 20 other people wearing the same exact thing.

Last week I was shopping for a trendy yet unique outfit to wear for the kick off of New York Fashion Week. I had tried on tons of outfits but there was something about this romper that just stuck out. Trying it on, I already envisioned an outfit in my head to make a statement at some of the most fashionable nights in New York City. A long suede choker necklace tied in the middle like an old western bolo tie with either black sandals or heels (depending on how much I felt like killing my feet that day) would compete the look. It is easy to wear because of the simplicity in its striped pattern, yet the wide belled sleeves give it extra style and add a bohemian flair, which typically happens to be the type of look I’m aiming for.

Nonetheless, I think the fact that this romper is brand new and I’m not entirely tired of wearing it over and over again makes it ones of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe at the moment. Nevertheless I already have many occasions that I plan on wearing it for again (none that can be Instagrammed without me looking like an outfit repeater of course.) Once this outfit has been worn more than a handful of times I’m sure I will have a new favorite item by next week.