Fearlessly in Fur

My cherished white furry coat. Credit: Zabdi Medel

I’ve never liked the word “favorite”. “What’s your favorite color”, “favorite pizza topping”, “favorite article of clothing”. I’ve always been the indecisive type. I do however, cherish many things in my closet. Sometimes, I go through phases where I cherish certain ones more than anything else. My current obsession? A white faux fur coat I got last year. Fur — the fake kind — has made an epic comeback on the runways last season and I couldn’t have been happier. Stores from Topshop, to Zara, to Urban Outfitters can be seen sporting the furry coats, jackets and sweaters on their racks the second the weather turns cold.

I remember wandering into H&M on a particularly warm Saturday in March. As a broke college student, I immediately wandered towards the sale section. I love a good deal. To my surprise, the section overflowed with great pieces. One stood out. A white, thigh length faux fur coat. To make things even better, it was discounted to $25. Obviously, I bought it. It was a no brainer.

A staple this winter: faux fur. Credit: Zabdi Medel

Since then, the coat became a staple. I wore it the rest of March until wearing a coat seemed foolish. Then in the fall, when I returned to windy Montclair, I brought it out again. Whether I sported a feminine, pastel inspired outfit, or all black attire, the off white coat managed to look good. The coat gave me the ability make my outerwear a part of my outfit. So no, it isn’t my favorite or most cherished, because I could never choose, but that pretty little faux fur coat, is definitely one for the books.

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