Holes of My Sweater

I had just gotten paid, and in an effort to save money I started packing my lunches and ceasing impulse shopping, that’s when it happened. Working at a thrift store in the heart of Chelsea, you see all kinds of things coming in. I’ve leafed through terribly written erotica, laughed over vacation-themed ‘dad’ shirts, and drooled over vintage pantsuits. Because of this, I didn’t really care that the racks had been refreshed, but that was about to change. In all honesty, it’s a really simple piece, a mid-thigh cardigan with big boxy pockets in front. An old style from Forever 21, the chunky knit yarn is black with thin white stripes running across it. The V-neck comes together with four big black shiny buttons. Simple, basic, a staple, and just what I needed.

I tried to rationalize my immediate desire away. I have tons of sweaters at home. I didn’t really need it. It has a hole in the shoulder; but to no avail. After forcing myself to wait an anxious week of watching customers pick it up and try it on, I took it to the cash register and had my boss ring me up for it before I went home for the day. Handing over a $5 bill, I was excited. Rebecca Bloomwood was right, when I shop the world does get better.

After purchasing the sweater, I couldn’t stop wearing it. After almost 4 yearsI still can’t stop wearing it, I can’t wait until the temperature drops a bit because I’m dying for sweater weather. I’m always cold, so cardigans are a critical part of my wardrobe, especially since I hate wearing long-sleeves and would rather dress in layers. The roomy pockets make it convenient to run errands when all I need are my wallet and cellphone.

I subconsciously wear the cardigan a lot when I’m stressed. Last semester, I wore it almost every day for two weeks — midterms and finals. There’s something about a warm knit cardigan that soothes me, there’s also a lot of sentimental value in this cardigan. My cat used to love that it, he’d get on my lap, his purrs rumbling like heavy machinery and when he got up his black, gray and white hairs would be covering the bottom half of me. After he passed away in May, sometimes I put the cardigan on when I miss him. I wore that cardigan when I went to visit my best friend in North Carolina, we had been internet friends for over 10 years before finally meeting each other face to face. I wore the cardigan the first time I went to California, somewhere I’ve always dreamed of visiting. I was also wearing the cardigan when I met my boyfriend. It’s definitely not the most glamorous thing I own, but there are so many memories and good times I’ve experienced in it, and that’s why it’s my favorite.

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