LBF or Little Black Flats

My favorite piece of clothing are my little black flats. These shoes are black suede and have a sophisticated shape to them. Going across the top of the shoes, along the toes, is a gold chain. I would describe my sense of style as classic, chic, and feminine, these shoes embody all of these personas. Able to fit any outfit, these shoes are adaptable and my go-to shoes. I love how easily they match with different looks, materials, seasons, and accessories. They refuse to go out of style.

On a casual day, I have paired these shoes with some dark jeans and a sheer top. For a more work appropriate look I can pair these shoes with a pencil skirt and blazer. To create a more formal look, these shoes can be paired with a classic black dress.

If my shoes were to have a favorite celebrity it would be Audrey Hepburn. If my shoes were to have a favorite drink it would be wine. If my shoes were to have a favorite gemstone it would be diamonds or pearls. If my shoes were to have a favorite place it would be Paris. If my shoes were to have a favorite designer it would be Chanel.

My shoes are studious. My shoes are capable of going great distances. My shoes do not need to be complemented to know they look good. My shoes are strong. My shoes can endure all types of challenges like stairs, hills, and puddles. My shoes have personality. My shoes can go all day with no break and still look great while doing it. And most importantly, my shoes are for me and no one else.

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