My Favorite Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets have been around for the longest time, but have recently made a huge comeback as a fashion trend for the upcoming fall, “sweater-weather.”

I started seeing them in stores both high-end and inexpensive- at the beginning of the summer. The first one I spotted was at Zara. It was a beautiful black and white jacket with a floral almost tropical pattern. I ended up not buying it that day. However, being indecisive, I changed my mind and decided to go back for it the next day. But sadly, it was no longer there. Or online.

A few weeks passed and I came across more and more bomber jackets, solid black ones, army-green ones, etc. But none of them seemed to fit my mostly monochrome and pastel wardrobe. I kept thinking about the Zara jacket and regretting not buying it. Nothing haunts us more than the things that we do not buy…

On my trip to Sweden, I saw that bomber jackets were literally everywhere there! People were wearing them on the streets with casual clothing, to spice up their outfits or keep them warm at night. While there, I was determined to find the perfect one. Between going to several stores, different malls, and my parents telling me that I’m a “shopaholic,” I found it at Gina Tricot, a popular and trendy European clothing store for women.

The jacket caught my eye instantly. It was a beautiful satin black and cream-beige jacket, with cream-beige sleeves and a black front. The best part was the back which had woven pastel pink flowers on it, the details were beautiful! It is now a favorite piece of clothing in my closet because I searched long and hard for a perfect bomber jacket just like it. It fits in with my wardrobe and style but, stands out at the same time. I cannot wait for the weather to cool down so that I can wear it along with a few others I have purchased. Bring on “sweater-bomber-weather!”

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