Brandon King never expected that his parents would get divorced. On the outside, it looked like he had it all-a nice family, a good sense of humor, and an all around great personality. He sensed something was different with his parents after constant bickering; however he thought it was just “normal.” Unfortunately, King realized a change in his parent’s behavior in between his sophomore/junior year of high school. While his parents began to change, he began to change as well within his academics and social life. “Going through the divorce of my parents was one of the most difficult things to I had to…and at times continue to go through,” said King.

Brandon King with twin brother Jaylen King

While King was stressed out with standardized test scores and college applications like many high school students, he was also stressed about the future of his parent’s marriage. “I remember one time when they were arguing I called my sister, she was at Bloomsburg College, and I was just crying, because they were arguing. I think maybe a month later she came home from Bloomsburg in Pennsylvania to attend County College of Morris (a local community college) just because it was affecting us so much,” he said. Throughout the divorce, King feel into a state of depression, which lead to anxiety and a lack of trust in relationships as well as his faith. “I was angry with God, like why me?” he said.

Brandon King, 23, with family

It took King years to get over his anxiety and trust issues. Soon after, he decided that he wanted to put his story out to the world. “I was staying on campus in the village (at Montclair State University) and I said you know what I’m going to put my story out there, and just started writing,” he said. Before writing, King first decided on Nothing But Happiness as the title of his book. “The title of my book is Nothing But Happiness because I believe if you have happiness from within, if you have love within, if you have trust within, anything negative it can’t be stolen from you,” said King.

King began writing his book on December 30th 2015 and took him about a year to finish. “I spent my whole summer writing, I did not even work last year during the summer, I wanted everything perfect,” he says.

The book focuses on how to live a more positive life. “Even though I experienced my parents divorce, I put more relatable information in there because I know not everyone experiences that, but everyone experiences something negative which alters their positive emotions and happiness,” said King. He also says going back to the memories of the divorce were hard. “There were days when I wanted to give up just writing because I didn’t want to go back to those feelings but I ultimately I kept pushing myself,” he said.

Brandon King, 23, with family

While writing the book, King was also utilizing social media applications such as Intsagram and Snapchat to give advice as well as snippets of his upcoming book. “I first started doing my Brandon’s motivational snaps just to get feedback from viewers, automatically I got great feedback and still continue to do them today,” he said.

King’s ultimate goal is to leave a legacy and be the help that he needed. “You are responsible for your own happiness, you can’t put it in the hands of something or someone that can be taken away from you,” he said. While King’s parents are still experiencing minor arguments and court issues, he says it ultimately helped him develop his mind as well as realize his own strength. “I had to trust in the process and know that happy days were on the way, but I had to go through what I call thunderstorms in order to see sunshine,” he said.

Hard copies of Nothing But Happiness will be available for purchase on May 12, 2017. King, who is also self-publishing his book, is currently in the process of creating a website where you will be able to purchase the book. “I do not even consider myself as an author, I still think of myself as a regular guy just wanting to put my story out there to people who it will hopefully impact,” he said. To get your hands on the upcoming book be sure to follow Brandon King on his Instagram @Brandonn_King.