Saint Christopher Necklace


Words: 319

Claudia Olsen

Little did I know that inside the National Surfing Museum in Huntington Beach, California I would find my favorite little necklace. The museum was a small, old building, that looked like it had been abandoned. The museum walls were covered in surf boards and it was my dad’s must hit spot for our vacation three years ago. 
When going to new places I love getting small accessories that symbolize the town it was purchased in. During the week we were in Huntington Beach the town was holding the annual U.S. Open of Surfing Competition. Nothing seemed to fit that mood of the town better than when I saw the Saint Christopher necklaces hanging on the mini surf board display they had standing up next to the cash register. I was automatically drawn to the little light blue pennant that is no bigger than a dime.
The necklace is of Saint Christopher, who is the patron saint of travelers. As the legend has it Saint Christopher would carry travelers across a river to prevent them from drowning because the waters were so dangerous. In a sense, I like to think I am being protected in the ocean from the sweeping rip currents and the unforgiving rip tides. My family spends every weekend in the summer going down the shore. My father and sister surf as well and it is an activity that bonds us as a family. So, seeing a little surfer necklace could not have made me any happier.
 It is hard to find a day in the summer when I am not wearing it. The necklace not only reminds me of the amazing vacation I had a couple of years ago traveling up the coast of California, but the memories in the ocean I spend surfing with my family since I was twelve.

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