See Through

My favorite piece of clothing right now is my black mesh t-shirt. I saw photos on Instagram of mesh clothing and thought it aesthetically looked cool. Instead of buying it from an overpriced brand, I looked on eBay and Amazon and found so many options. I like to find clothes, accessories and makeup online after doing research on the best quality and price.

I came across a long-length mesh shirt, where the mesh was tightly knit, like a screen. It was delicate looking, and I like to incorporate delicate pieces with my every day looks so that I am comfortable and fashionable. I knew I could wear bralettes (bras without padding and usually stylized with lace or strings), t-shirts or dresses underneath so it would be very versatile. I have an entire wardrobe consisting of black clothes, and this piece fit perfectly.

The most recent time I wore this shirt was at a dance music festival, Electric Zoo with a caged bralette underneath and leggings with mesh cutouts. The mesh details with my outfit made for versatile attire, being that the exposed mesh areas were breathable and let me cool down while dancing all day long. The festival was just two weeks ago, and I received many compliments on my outfit and makeup that day. People were coming up to me throughout the day complimenting me. It was such a great feeling to have my style praised and acknowledged by these total strangers. I like to pair this shirt usually with a bralette or shirt that is intricate in detail with the stitching or lace.

I try to mix and match pieces I haven’t worn together before because not only is it fun to create looks out of what you already have, but also to see what looks good together that you otherwise wouldn’t have thought would look good. Since this mesh shirt is see-through, it makes it fun to layer with it and think of new ways to use the mesh details to bring out the details of whatever I choose to wear it with. I plan on getting more mesh clothing after this purchase. Finding different colorways and types of mesh material expands that even more.