Suede And I

Friday morning I woke up at 6:27 a.m. and was surprisingly not overly tired although I had been out the night before. I had some energy to dress up a bit.

My Friday night plans were to go into New York City with my mom to see “CATS” on Broadway. I knew I wanted to wear one of my many dresses. I came across my black suede dress from Pac Sun I had bought almost a year ago. I don’t remember how much it was, but items from there are a tad more pricey. I did not try it on. I saw it and knew I needed it.

I have only worn it a few times because I save it for certain occasions. It is short sleeved, above the knee length, loose-fitted, and keeps me warm.

I was feeling a little out of shape and bloated compared to my usual self. The dress not hugging every part of my body made me feel comfortable and happy.

A thin patent-leather belt is put around my upper waist on the loosest loop to give me some shape. My hair was down in its natural curly as all hell state.

It is hard to decide what to wear with this dress. I have too many good ideas and visions.

My go-to combat heels are on its last leg. So, instead I wore my lightly used black-wedged converse with studs on the back that are a bit small for my already small feet. I covered my not shaved legs with knee high black socks that kept me warm too. I did not think shear black tights were needed. Those are one of my favorites.

I had an 8:30 a.m. class that morning so a jacket was needed. I grabbed my go-to grey leather jacket with a black sweatshirt hood inside. The jacket has gotten its money’s worth over the past six years, but the wear and tear is showing.

I put my leather choker on and went to class. That morning I had no time for makeup.

I came home around 2:30 p.m. and began planning my makeup look to showcase the dress.

Labor Day Weekend I became obsessed with the new Chainsmokers and Halsey song, “Closer. I then remembered that I bought the Halsey lipstick(?) from MAC Cosmetics.

It’s a grey color and had never been used. I knew I would only use it for all black outfits. Tonight was the night.

Darker looks are my favorite to strut in New York. That dress is not going anywhere for awhile. There’s no specific memory or person I associate the dress with. It is just something that I know will never fail me. I hope to never fail it.

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