The Power of Fashion

The impact clothing can have on a woman’s confidence

Fashion is an outlet for women to express themselves and feel confident in their own skin. Fashion styles have changed throughout the years but still offer the same type of security for woman across the world.

Fashion can bring people together and depending on what a person wears, it can give an impression of what they stand for. “For things like photoshoots we try to make a fashion theme like ripped jeans, cute shirts, and trendy sunglasses; we wear the same thing so it gives off the impression that we are all sisters and all one,” said Deena Cavallo, a sister of the Sigma Delta Tau sorority.

Fashion is the easiest way of expression. “It’s like everyone’s personal brand,” said MSU fashion student Molly Barrow. Fashion allows for a person to feel confident in their skin and in college that is some of the most important things a person can learn.

“You can literally walk into class and no one will judge you because everyone is doing their own thing,” said Barrow, “being able to express yourself through fashion is just so cool because it’s the simplest way to show other people who you are.”

Fashion is the only platform that people express themselves through every day. Whether it is intentional or not, the shirt a person puts on when they wake up says something about them. A person’s closet can speak volumes about who they are.

This has been the same for centuries. No matter how many generations pass there is no limit to the number of trends and outfits have occurred leaving women feeling empowered. The way women present themselves at work and in social settings leaves impressions on everyone they meet.

Fashion and the way a person presents themselves can impact the way a woman feels and the way others perceive them. Shannon Guarascio, a program information coordinator for CBS television, firmly believes in this.

“I think you get treated with more respect when you dress the way you want to be treated,” said Gaurascio, “it’s so easy to dress nice and affordable now a days that the cutest outfit can be from H&M and only cost $30.”

She continued by saying how she feels better when she looks better. Gaurascio recently went on a job interview for a higher up position and said when she dressed the part she felt better about her chances.

The way women dress can empower them to do anything. Their outfits become staples of who they are. Like Hillary Clinton’s pant suit and Marilyn Monroe’s white dress, you are remembered for what you wear.

Gaurascio made good points when saying how easy it is to dress nice now and how much more affordable it is. Years ago, looking nice may have come at more of a cost. Now, woman around their mid-20’s to 30’s can shop at places like H&M where they sell chic clothes at an affordable price.

A way to save for trends in the future is to just keep a lot of clothes. If leggings, chokers, denim skirts, and anything velvet can make a comeback anything is up for grabs in the future.

Fashion can boost a woman’s confidence tremendously. Whether it be walking into class feeling like your true self, or dressing up for a job interview, clothes can work wonders for a woman’s confidence. No matter how old a woman is, finding the right clothes to fit their personality is even easier now than ever before.

Fashion can be staples of a generation. Expression through outfits is the easiest way to show an individuals true personality.