Tweeting Closer To Her Dream

As Told To Shaun Moore

Leilani Soto, a junior here at MSU is an aspiring poet/musician who really takes her work seriously. Trying to get some sort of recognition, she sends out her work to various popular musicians in hopes of getting closer to her dream. Turns out social media is a great tool for communication as she would get in contact with a very known name in the music industry.

I write poetry, I’ve been writing for a very long time, I’d say since elementary school. I wasn’t as serious about it as I am now, it’s all I do now. When I started taking it more seriously, I was like “Hey let me post this on Twitter and Instagram and try to get famous real quick,” ya know? That’s only because that’s where I feel like everyone is, so I felt like it would be easier for people to hear, well not just people, kids in my generation mainly so they can kinda connect with it. If I want to share my work and be noticed, social media is definitely the place.

So when I posted my work I immediately followed Wyclef Jean ya know cause it’s Wyclef, who doesn’t know Wyclef? He works with a lot of famous people, common known for working with The Fugees, Lauryn Hill, all that. So, I followed him and then a couple minutes later he followed me back so I was already hyped and excited. I DM’d him — I’m sorry “direct message” him and basically said, “Hey this is my poetry, I know this is a longshot but I wanted you to hear me out, hear what I’m saying, hoping you feel it. I know you get a whole bunch of DM’s a day so I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t respond but here we go.”

So I was chilling for a minute or whateva feel me and I got a twitter notification. Guess who it was? Just guess! Wyclef. I didn’t think I could get anymore excited than I already was but I did. He responded saying he really enjoyed listening to my poetry and I never would have expected that ya know? Then to make it even better he referred me to his manager, at that point I couldn’t even register what was going on. His manager followed me as well and we had a nice conversation as well. Don’t want to reveal too much but it definitely was a lot to take in but, we still talk til this day.

Overall this experience was crazy, like I never would have thought I actually would’ve have gotten a reply from him. I @ celebrities all the time on Twitter and Instagram, I’m trying to get Cardi B to follow me now on Insta, but to actually be noticed and responded to is amazing. Not only that, it added to my confidence — Wyclef has been around music for so long and for him to enjoy my work is definitely a Top 5 feeling. Follow me on SoundCloud watch out for my mixtape! I’m joking.