Velvet Comfort

The style of this blazer is what makes it appealing. Dana Jarvis

My favorite piece of clothing is my mom’s old velvet blazer. She recently moved to Colorado and before doing so, she emptied most of her closet for my sister and I to have our pick of the lot. This piece stood out to me because of its beautiful black silky material. It goes with anything that I choose to pair it with. The velvet also makes me feel like some sort of high-class individual, even though on the inside my true essence spells out cat lady in bright flashing letters.

I chose this piece as my favorite is because it can be dressed up or dressed down. It looks good with a dress, but also with jeans. I like knowing that it’s in my closet because it’s unique and can be pulled out for various occasions.

I hold this piece close to my heart is because it has sentimental value. Even though I now own many pieces of clothing that belonged to my mom, this one is special. She got it when she was around my age (when velvet was a “thing”) and I like the fact that it was hers. In my eyes it’s still in style. I feel good when I wear it and it keeps me warm.

The fall is my favorite season so anything with long sleeves is automatically my first choice. If I could skip summer altogether I absolutely would, even if this means I would have to forfeit my birthday.

The blazer is long — the bottom hem reaches below my knees — which is why it looks good with dresses, so that aspect just adds to the cool-ness factor. It’s definitely a great piece to own. Who doesn’t want to be in a soft blanket-like material when it’s cold? The comfort adds a final touch that makes this black velvet blazer something I will always love wearing.