10 Lez Zeppelin Questions

So … Lez Zeppelin

  • Are they really lesbians?
  • How authentic is their Zeppelin sound?
  • Are they really making a career of this, or is it all just kind of a novelty with admittedly the catchiest cover band name of all time?
  • If they’re really lesbians, are they lesbians with each other, or women outside the band?
  • If you had to guess, wouldn’t you agree with me that the lesbian pairings are probably (1) the Robert Plant and Jimmy Page ones and (2) the John Bonham and John Paul Jones ones?
  • If I believe the lead singer, Sarah McLellan, is hot, doesn’t that automatically make her a lipstick lesbian?
  • The drummer’s name is apparently Helen Destroy. Isn’t that a wicked-cool name for a drummer?!
  • (But, come on, do you really think she could possibly be as good as Bonzo Bonham?!)
  • Is it possible that they also wanted to launch a lesbian Pink Floyd group, but scrapped the idea because the name “Pink Floyd” already sounds kind of like a lesbian tribute rock band?
  • Have you seen the bridge?

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