“Dorothy and the Bird Circus” — An Original Ragtime Composition

Here’s a new ragtime work, “Dorothy and the Bird Circus,” composed on the (awful-but-barely-functional) piano in our Puerto Vallarta apartment in April 2018. When notating the piece, I added a music box track to the treble clef (which largely mimics the piano treble clef, but deviates in a few places) for a magical effect. The piece is set to circa-1951 “Bird Circus” footage (public domain from the Prelinger Archives). This is perhaps the 15th or so project I’ve done of this kind, and I believe it’s my 20th ragtime composition! The woman shown here was reportedly named Dorothy, which I especially liked, as that was my Irish Grandmother’s middle name.

I’ll return to this at some point and post the piano score. :-)

About the Author: Jim Dee maintains his personal blog, “Hawthorne Crow,” and a web design blog called “Web Designer | Web Developer Magazine.” He’s also contributes to various Medium.com publications. You can reach him at: Jim [at] ArrayWebDevelopment.com.

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