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Fart King’s House

I first met FartKing during my freshman year of college. He lived on my floor, but far down the hall, so it took a while before I got to know him.

That name I’ve given him should be self-explanatory. In life, we all (especially guys, I guess) meet people who “fart proudly” as Benjamin Franklin so eloquently put it. Some are more gaseous than others, of course. But, FartKing was far and away the gassiest. (Or is it the “most…




Tales, rants, observations — blog of Jim Dee, long-haired smart ass, self-employed web developer, hyper-creative writer, musician, renaissance man, defiant, prone to philosophization, as-always a pyro, ever-frustrated cat owner, free agent, bandanna wearer.

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Jim Dee

Jim Dee

Founder and chief generative coder at GenerativeNFTs.io. “We help mint millionaires!”

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