“Funeral for a Crow “— An Original String Quartet

“close-up photo of black raven bird perch on gray branch during daytime” by Amarnath Tade on Unsplash

Here’s a string quartet I’ve been writing lately. It’s structured in the classic ragtime format (4 themes, AABACCDD) and, while it includes passages of ragtime (and syncopation throughout), it largely maintains a habanera rhythm. The piece, which begins in B major and finishes out the trio and finale in Eb, is largely built around variations of a main theme, which is established in the A and taken in various directions in the C and D. I rendered this via MuseScore, using a few sound fonts that I found appealing, although perhaps I’d switch out for a better cello, if I ever found one. The lead violin is a tad slow for proper articulation of the theme, but the alternative was a “fast” violin that sounded far too tense for this composition. (If I were to have this performed ever, this could be corrected, of course with a human violinist!) The video source material is from a Creative Commons-licensed National Geographic feature called “The Valley of Crows” (currently available on Youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpVHn...

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