“Nightmare at the Darlings” — An Original Piece for Piano and Two Violins

“lightning graphic wallpaper” by Felix Mittermeier on Unsplash

For any friends harboring a curiosity for the aural intersection of classical and psychedelic, I present this new work “Nightmare at the Darlings” for piano and two violins:

I conceived the overarching idea years ago and often experimented with it as a potential solo piano piece, though never succesfully, as it lacked a particular vein of disorientation that eluded me at the time. But, as I’ve been so drawn to violin lately, I realized that adding additional string layers would fulfill the macabre vision — which is to musically describe (and possibly even induce) a frightening, disorienting, unsettling foray into the horrific-psychedelic, though safely and hopefully not without its own kind of beauty that, I think, offers integrity to the experience.

For anyone interested, the piece is notated in 7/8, and is in C minor. :-)

BTW, one reaction I get commonly to my original music is that I should score films — which I would absolutely love to do. Anyone interested in that, please contact me.

Regarding the visuals here… The footage began with a Creative Commons clip by Youtube user iForest1 entitled “forest woods ferns pan 00040”. I converted the footage to B&W, slowed it down, adjusted the contrast, and added the dancing lightning effects atop it. As for the new visuals, feel free to reuse as well. (For the audio, permission is required.)

About the Author: Jim Dee maintains his personal blog, “Hawthorne Crow,” and a web design blog called “Web Designer | Web Developer Magazine.” He also contributes to various Medium.com publications. You can reach him at: Jim [at] ArrayWebDevelopment.com.