Pirates of Pamlico Sound: Chapter 10

🏴 Present day * Nags Head.

You two will appreciate this,” Bernice said enthusiastically to her friends Jayne and Nicki over hot mugs of chai in the back room of Jayne’s Kill Devil Hills restaurant, Hurry Curry. “You know how we’re always fantasizing about pirates? Well, I had a visit from a real-life pirate the other night … in my bedroom.”

“Girl,” said Nicki, “Collin’s gonna get jealous if you keep having these Johnny Depp dreams.” Nicki was a consummate jokester. She’d developed a quick and admirable sense of humor working with her husband Victor Washington at an ice cream shop they owned in Kitty Hawk.

“Stop it, Nicki,” said Jayne, “I want to hear all about it. Were you stranded on that island with him again? I liked that dream.”

“This,” said Bernice, raising her eyebrows, “was no dream.”

“Well, you lost me, then,” said Nicki. “You and your fantasies I understand. But, when you start talking about real pirates in your bedroom, I’m a little concerned about your mental health.”

“Out with it, Bernice,” said Jayne. “Does this involve Collin?”

“Of course it involves Collin,” she answered. “What do you think, I’m just going to invite some random pirate into my bedroom?”

“That sounds okay to me,” said Nicki. “Frankly, there’s been no plunderin’ of any booty in my bedroom in quite some time.”

“Jaya and I are in the doldrums as well, me hearties,” added Jayne with a sigh.

“Well then, I think this will put a little wind in your sails,” Bernice said, sitting in a bit closer. “I acquired an authentic pirate jacket at an estate auction recently. You have to see this thing; it’s simply gorgeous.”

Jayne perked up. “Seriously, a real pirate jacket?”

“Well, I can’t be completely certain that it belonged to an actual pirate. But, it’s certainly a period jacket and it sure does look like something a pirate would have worn.”

“So,” Nicki said, “what did you do, march around your bedroom with it or something?”

“Actually, I didn’t do anything with it. I mean, I mended it with some new fabric. But, I wasn’t the one wearing it.”

“Oh my God, Bernice. I completely underestimated you. I didn’t think you’d ever actually do it,” said Nicki. “Who is he?”

“What are you saying?” asked Bernice, taken aback.

“What she’s saying,” said Jayne, jumping in, “is that, well, we just can’t picture Collin wearing a pirate jacket in the bedroom. Not that you would ever cheat on him, right Nicki?”

“That’s right,” Nicki assured her. “I guess I just got all confused or something. I mean, Collin’s so reserved, so conservative. I can’t picture him being into role-playing.”

“So, get on with it then,” said Jayne. “Tell us what happened.”

“Well, I’m trying to do that. I’ve been trying for the last five minutes. So, are you ready to hear the story, or…”

“Yes!” the two women said in tandem.

“Okay, so we’d been going through a rough stretch, as we tend to do. And we went to this huge estate sale, which is a whole different story that I’ll tell you about later. So, I got this pirate jacket and went and fixed it up. I didn’t know if he’d be willing to put it on for me. In fact, I doubted that he would. But, somehow, he just went along with it.”

“Oh my God,” said Jayne. “You’re so lucky. Jaya would never wear a pirate outfit for me.”

“I thought the same thing,” Bernice said, taking another sip of the chai. “But he did. And then it became something much more than just him in a pirate jacket. It was as though the jacket fed some tropical storm brewing inside of him, and he turned into this category-five super lover.”

“Holy storm surge,” said Nicki. “You’ve got to let me borrow that jacket. I gotta try this thing out on Vic.”

They laughed. “And, what about you, Jayne?” Bernice asked. “Would Jaya definitely refuse to wear it?”

“I just don’t know,” said Jayne. “I don’t think he would, but you never know, right? If we had a good day here at the Hurry Curry, and he was in a playful mood, maybe he’d go for it.”

“Then it’s settled,” Bernice said. “Jayne, I think you and Jaya need it a little more than Nicki and Victor. So, I’m going to let you borrow the jacket for one night. And then you give it to Nicki to borrow for a night. And, we won’t talk about the results until we all meet up again. Okay?”

They agreed.

“Good. Get your men to wear this jacket,” Bernice said, “and see if anything changes for you.”

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