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The #1 Piece of Home Buying Advice I Wish I Knew Before Buying My First Home

If you’re thinking of buying your first home, give this a read. It may prove immensely valuable.

Photo by Rick Lobs on Unsplash

Look, I’m not a real estate guy by any means. And, truth be told, I’ve only bought two homes in my life (so far). But, those two purchases taught me an invaluable lesson because one specific thing differed about those two homes. Let me…




Tales, rants, observations — blog of Jim Dee, long-haired smart ass, self-employed web developer, hyper-creative writer, musician, renaissance man, defiant, prone to philosophization, as-always a pyro, ever-frustrated cat owner, free agent, bandanna wearer.

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Jim Dee

Founder and chief generative coder at GenerativeNFTs.io. “We help mint millionaires!”

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