“The Violin” — Experimental Looping Composition

“closeup photo of white dust” by asoggetti on Unsplash

This was the first of a casual series of experimental, minimalist, electronic, ambient looping compositions done on an iPad a few years ago. I’d had this melody in my mind for a while and, although it was awkward to articulate on an iPad (my first go at the GarageBand app), the result was satisfactory. Sketched it all out one night in a parking lot of a Safeway. :-) I call this piece “The Violin.” Like the others in this series, it’s a perpetual loop, meant to be built upon with various layers of sound and performed that way using the mixers. The layers here include standard GarageBand instruments: “Grand Piano,” “Whirly,” “Soul Organ,” “Live Rock Kit,” “Heavy Metal Organ,” and “Plucky Synth” (all with various effects). The spectacular footage is public domain from the Prelinger Archives — footage from an ice harvest in the Poconos from 1919.

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