What if Jason Bourne Were a Songwriter?

After watching all three Bourne movies back to back recently, I’m inspired to rewrite the lyrics to the hit tune, “Imagination.” May I present:


Assassination is funny; 
it makes your victims’ brains runny. 
It also costs lots of money 
to put a bullet into you.
Assassination … is crazy; 
assassins can never be lazy. 
Getting targets to push up those daisies 
(is) what they do, 
what they do …
Have you ever heard a muffled blast 
and then a thud, and then, and then … 
you find it’s only an assassination again? 
Oh well.
Assassination is silly; 
dead people get clammy and chilly. 
For example, you’re all dead, cold, and blue … 
and I can imagine you’d want me dead, too.

Okay, pretty awful… nevermind.

About the Author: Jim Dee maintains his personal blog, “Hawthorne Crow,” and a web design blog called “Web Designer | Web Developer Magazine.” He’s also contributes to various Medium.com publications. You can reach him at: Jim [at] ArrayWebDevelopment.com.