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TRAVEL: “Hazy Sierra Foothills” from Sequoia National Park

Hazy Sierra Foothills (Photo by Hayata Takeshita)

I took this shot on my first trip to Sequoia National Park which is in the Sierra Nevada Range between Yosemite and Death Valley. It’s a heck of a drive uphill to about 7000 feet.


It was a cold day in December 2017. On my first visit to a location I generally figure out someway to scope out the area. This time I took a guided tour around the Giant Forest area in the early afternoon. The hiking was tough at 7000 feet and I had to stop often to catch my breadth.


Part of the tour walked along a ridge that overlooked the Central Valley. I noticed this band of color in the clouds that did not fade away. This persisted all afternoon. Notice that this shot is not a sunset shot. The brightest part is near the top which means the sun is well above the horizon.


After the tour, I looked for a good spot to take a photograph of the colorful clouds. I found a spot called Beetle Rock which turned out to be a cool location. This is where I noticed the haze over the foothills in the distance that added a cool abstract texture and a sense of depth.


I framed up a shot that included the near mountains to add even more depth.⁠ The mountains also bring down the viewer’s eye to the foothills and creates the story of the photo which shows the Hazy Sierra Foothills.



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Hayata Takeshita

Hayata Takeshita

Landscape photographer of our wonderful national parks and public lands. I like discussing the artistic aspects of photography. Based in Folsom, California, USA