Different design layouts for your Dribbble shots

Dribbble is a great place to show off your design work. Thanks to my friend Aaron I was able to join and start sharing as well. Immediately I noticed designers sharing their designs in diverse set of different layouts. Being curious and a bit OCD I did some digging around to aggregate some of the most common layouts I’ve seen so far.

Design process/sketches in the background


The design process/sketches in the background Dribbble shot is my personal favorite. It’s a great way to show the viewer how you went from sketches to a high-fidelity, glossy Dribbble design.

Here are some more that I found common on Dribbble!

Multiple screenshots in different positions

Pinterest redesign

Two phones

Facebook Dribbble post

One feature close up


Real picture of screen


One specific feature


One feature explained


Thanks for reading!

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