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In this part of the understanding neurocentric training series you will learn about 3 foundational facts about your brain and the underlying movement model.

Understanding neurocentric training is a series focused on the underlying concepts of neurocentric training. We will keep everything quite simple and basic here, while we are working hard on building more in depth products for you within HAYV.

This series is based on our free whitepaper Neurocentric Training 101, which you can download here:

Let’s start with the single most important concept: Neurocentric Training puts your brain first. If you boil it down to the fundamental level, your brain encapsulates anything you have ever done or felt and anything you will ever do or feel. We tend to forget…

What HAYV aims to do and why we are building it.

Hey there! We are really glad you are here — let’s go on a journey together, shall we?

We started building HAYV in December 2020 and we would like to take you along for the ride from the very first moment. Okay. Almost the very first moment. It is January 2021. We are amidst a global pandemic, which thought us a lot about ourselves and society. Among others, that humans wish to pursue their personal goals no matter what happens. Being independent and resilient against external factors got a completly new meaning with the rise of COVID-19.

With HAYV we…


HAYV makes neurocentric training accessible & facilitates a resilient society.

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