About Tango Foxtrot Wireless Society

HB9TF Tango Foxtrot Wireless Society is home to a group of renaissance HAM radio enthusiasts with computer science and electrical engineering backgrounds. HB9TF started as an HB3 license course at Open Systems AG in 2016.

We are based in Zurich, Switzerland and open for local and international memberships. Our infrastructure includes a regional Wires-X repeater, a FlexRadio 6700 club station with remote operation capabilities and a field kit with a Yaesu FT991, Elecraft KX3 and multiple antenna and mast options. We enjoy field days throughout the year all across Switzerland.

Contact Information

CH-8000 Zurich

Board of Directors

President, Fabian Gasser (HB3YWQ), fga@hb9tf.ch
Treasurer, Roger Blum (HB3YWG), rob@hb9tf.ch
Technical Director, Raphael Seebacher (HB9ESX), rse@hb9tf.ch
Deputy Technical Director, Martin Suess (HB9GVM), ms@hb9tf.ch
Honorary President, Florian Gutzwiller (HB3XPA,K8RWB), flog@hb9tf.ch
Honorary Chairman, Rob Hinz (W7NX), robinhinz@hb9tf.ch


Vintage QSO Card found on eBay — courtesy Rolf (HB3YVB)



Florian Gutzwiller (HB3XPA/K8RWB)
Tango Foxtrot Wireless Society (HB9TF)

Honorary President of Tango Foxtrot Wireless Society