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( MISTERTANGO) Open payment account in Euros. Send payments for free.

Mistertango is electronic money institution supervised by Bank of Lithuania, activity licence №11.

Open Payment Account with European IBAN in just 5 minutes.

The friendly one which saves your money.


Account, which saves up to 100% of banking fees
Understand balance changes at a glance
All your transactions and account balance changes are displayed in real time notifications.

E-invoices for business
Create, send and manage electronic invoices directly from your account for free. Invoices will have a link to directly pay you online.


Mistertango is secure
Your money is safe
All deposits are stored in Central Bank as well as in the network of reliable Scandinavian banks. According to regulation requirements deposits are stored only in special accounts in which they cannot be used for lending and are 100% protected against any loses.

High security measures
Security is our commitment to you. Therefore we set ourselves significantly higher safety standards than is expected. MisterTango is Licensed Electronic Money institution supervised by Central Bank.

Referral program

Earn Euros by inviting your friends to join Mistertango! Share referral link with
your friends and receive 5.00 € for everyone who joins Mistertango.

Open Bank Account in EUR with in 2 minute



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