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Letter sent on Feb 21, 2017

Down Time Today For the HBCU Digest, Subscription Program

The HBCU Digest will be experiencing some down time today as we set up a new system for the site. I expect that you will really enjoy the new set-up for the site, as you will truly be able to check in and receive real time updates on what is happening throughout HBCU culture.

The best news about this conversion is that it will allow us some tremendous flexibility with advertising, and therefore will allow us to suspend our paid subscriber program. I truly and sincerely appreciate all of you who have paid to subscribe to site over the last few months, and you truly have helped us to do some amazing things in the way of paying for consultation on how to revitalize our reading and information access experience, and figuring out ways to ensure that companies pay for the content instead of readers.

I firmly believe that information should be free to people care to find it, and that we can build a media business without taxing our stakeholders. I am still eager to hire journalists, web developers, editors, social media managers and marketers from HBCUs, so if you are so inclined to continue supporting, please email me to receive my everlasting gratitude an an individual email where I can set you up with a new subscription.

For the time being, I will continue to use Medium as an option to deliver news letters, and perhaps will use it for exclusive commentary to our members. But when you see the new changes and the new platform, feel free to sign up for email updates and free subscription there.

But as of today, you’ll no longer have a monthly fee being deducted from your account. If you are still seeing a deduction from Medium.com, please let me know.

Thanks for all of your support, well-wishes, critique and feedback. And let us know what you think about the new set up in the next few hours!

Yours in Advocacy,

Jarrett Carter Sr.

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