F**KED UP, MANIC, and LADY BOUNCER will begin airing today on HBO On Demand, HBOGO, and HBO NOW.

HBO’s ACCESS pilots will begin airing today on HBO On Demand, HBOGO, and HBONOW. The three pilots were written by writers who participated in the 2015 writing fellowship and directed by the 2016 directing fellows, executive producer, Kimberly Browning; co-producer Jeff Winkler and casting director, Kim Williams. The films are currently screening at top US festivals.

“We are incredibly proud of our writing and directing fellows,” says President of HBO Films Len Amato. “Our goal is to continue to support them in their careers. And one way for us to do that is to showcase the great work they have created.”

The pilots airing are:

F**KED UP, written by Joshua Levy and Prathi Srinivasan and directed by Kevin Lau focuses on Charlyne Chao, an Asian nerd hoping to get laid on her first day in college, but because she lacks any and all social skills Charlyne is forced to turn to her much more experienced roommate Sarah for help.

MANIC, written by Yolanda Carney and directed by Kate Marks looks at an Ivy-leauge bound overachieving teen derailed after a manic episode lands her in a school for kids with mental illness.

And LADY BOUNCER, written by Sarah McChesney and directed by Pete Chatmon is about a tough female Cop in Pittsburg who gets bounced from the force and fights to reclaim her position by taking down the Irish mob.

Photos: F**CKED UP
Photos: MANIC
Photos: LADY BOUNCER (Credit for all: Courtesy of HBO). Please note these are promotional photos for press only.

This is the fourth round of the HBOAccess program which alternates each year between the directing and writing fellowships. HBO will release the names of the 2017 Writing Fellowship semi-finalists on Monday, May 15th . Applications for the 2018 Directing Fellowship will open the first week of February.

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