The new original production from HBO Latin America joins the debate about the policies adopted as part of the fight against drug trafficking.

NEW YORK, NY — November 21, 2016 — Wars of Others, a new original documentary acquired from HBO Latin America, will premiere on December 14, at 8:00pm ET exclusively on HBO Latino. The documentary examines the practice of aerial spraying with glyphosate, an herbicide declared to be potentially carcinogenic by the World Health Organization in 2015. The aerial fumigation has been a key tool in the collaboration between Colombia and the United States in the overall “War on Drugs,” and specifically against the cultivation of the coca leaf. Thus, for many years Colombia has been the only country in the world to disperse this herbicide from airplanes, making way for bitter debates between those that defended it as a harmless product and those that argued that it was severely affecting the health of Colombians.

Carlos Moreno, director of Wars of Others, states: “The subject of aerial spraying with glyphosate in Colombia is another extension of the armed conflict between the guerrillas and the state. Wars of Others is an invitation to understand and reflect on the drama of the anonymous victims of the drug war; something that we as Colombians and Latin Americans have rarely done. Wars of Others is not a black and white story, with good guys and bad guys; the documentary has the virtue of being born in the grey area, where the voices of those who have been abandoned, ignored, and even silenced are heard.”

Moreno is a well-known Colombian filmmaker whose productions have been honored with more than 14 international awards. Among his works are: Perro Come Perro (Dog Eat Dog), Todos Tus Muertos (All Your Dead Ones), El Cártel de los Sapos: La Película (The Snitch Cartel), and ¡Que Viva La Música!.

Wars of Others includes approximately 30 interviews with experts from the different sectors involved with the subject. Among them are NGOs, scientists, ecological organizations, chief governmental and military authorities from Colombia as well as the United States and the farmers and locals that have been principally affected.

Wars of Others was directed by Carlos Moreno and produced by LatinWE and PostBros for HBO Latin America, with the participation of producers: Roberto Ríos, Paul Drago, Luis F. Peraza and Nestor Hernandez on behalf of HBO Latin America Originals; Elizabeth Gray and Lilia Luciano on behalf of LatinWE; and Camilo Ganado from PostBros. The original idea for Wars of Others as well as the field direction was realized by Lilia Luciano.


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